About our studio

Web Design Studio "ROKERSTUDIO" Was established in 2013, we carried out orders, but even the site we have not.

We have always performed services in the field of web design, art and various drawings we unfortunately did not and do not do, we execute orders basically if not always the time period on time, if there are no unprofitable situations.

In 2014 we came to rubukkit.org, Invented regulations, accept and fulfill orders for our shoulders a lot of work done.

In early 2015, we launched the site with the first banal design (1.0), and further continued to carry out orders, this year we are seriously engaged in the studio.

At the end of 2015, we conducted a site redesign (2.0), but it was too simple and at the beginning of 2016, we made this design that you see now. In early 2017, we again made a redesign of the site, but added new (video) background, change the button fixed bugs and made an English version of the site.

Meanwhile, the studio gained momentum, more and more customers turn to us, and there were constant.